Die Kleine Moosjungfer ♂ (Leucorrhinia dubia)

In den Kendlmühlfilzen begegnete mir ein Neuzugang – eine schon etwas müde Weißnase, ein Männchen der Kleinen Moosjungfer.

Grassau KMF 18 Aug 14 247 Grassau KMF 18 Aug 14 334 Grassau KMF 18 Aug 14 271

10 Antworten

  1. She is wonderful. A great one !!!!!!
    Have anice evening

    20. August 2014 um 19:02

    • Merci! It’s the first time I ever saw it – lucky me! 🙂

      20. August 2014 um 20:07

      • Yes lucky you and if I want to see it I have to come in your country because it didn’t exist in mine 😦

        20. August 2014 um 20:12

        • Oh, I didn’t know! It is very endangered here too. I just saw, that it is the „Dragonfly of the year 2014“ in Germany. 🙂

          By the way you have some extraordinary dragonfly places in the South of France.

          20. August 2014 um 20:18

        • Oh so congrats one more time to catch it this year !!!
          I live in North of France so, but I am happy to discover some new one each days or to see again some beautiful ones.
          Go and see these one
          his wings are glue on the plant, so I helped him but after one hour he doesn’t want or be able to fly again:(

          20. August 2014 um 20:21

        • I answered on your site.

          20. August 2014 um 20:33

  2. Dann hast Du dieses Jahr drei verschiedene Moosjungfer-Arten gesehen – oder noch mehr?

    21. August 2014 um 15:43

    • Jo, müsste stimmen: Nordische, Zierliche und Kleine.

      21. August 2014 um 17:59

  3. PeM

    Also, diese habe ich noch nie gesehen – interessant!

    12. September 2014 um 22:52

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